I am not sure if my Mudfish is working properly

I have a question, im trying to lessen my ping in Hunt: Showdown weirdly I am playing in the Philippines and when in Asia server I have 300+ Ping indicated in the server selection, when I use Mudfish, at the server selection it does go down to 120+ ping so it works right there, right? Now when I try to play a match the ping is 170-190+ which has considerable delay that is noticeable on an FPS game. But when I try to look at the mudfish dashboard to check my ping it just stays on 120-130 which is I find it weird why when I am in a match the ping is 170-190+

Could you please confirm that it’s also same with Full VPN mode enabled?

Please check How do I know if its working? section and check the realtime traffic graph whether it moves like that.