I need a refund, please refund money

Buy too much money, need refund!

When I checked your account, it seems you bought a mudfish credit with iPhone, right? For this case, you should ask the refund to Apple instead of us because they don’t provide a admin interface to refund the user’s transaction. :slight_smile:

But apple told me to find you…

Really? Something is wrong. Did you follow the following URL to ask the refund?

Yes!!! Why don’t you trust me, they didn’t want let my do, They deleted Mudfish refund column so I can‘t application my refund, they deliberately didn’t want to let me get my refund, I think my $9.99 won’t come back, and then my VPN can’t use too!
Hope Mudfish can help me to get my money back, thank you very much!

I trust you but nothing we can help for this case. :slight_smile: Please check my answer at the previous topic you made. I can’t understand why Apple doesn’t trust the seller too.

Hello there , I purchased Mudfish credits today but unfortunately am dissatisfied with the service, so I request a refund, please kindly do the needful.

@Sinkonline1994 No problem. Could you please tell me your exact mudfish ID? I can’t find your ID with this account. :frowning: Sorry for this inconvenience.

I need refund it won’t connect :sob:


@alikhan0201 No problem. I’d refunded your transaction. :slight_smile:

I need a refund. I need to change my package.

@riswan Could you please tell me your exact mudfish ID? I need to check it first.