I need Refund

I need Refund. thank you~
I have sent the letter

@stevens5036 Are you meaning that you checked Refund Policy and send us the paypal invoice for balance refund?

Yes,I already send the paypal invoice.

@stevens5036 When did you send the paypal invoice? I can’t see your paypal invoice. When you get a chance, please send us it again and let me know.

I have sent a paypal invoice to the chloe0528@nate.com, please check?

@stevens5036 It’s not arrived to chloe0528@nate.com. Could you please show me a screenshot how you sent the paypal invoice?


@stevens5036 I see. It seems you misunderstood Refund Policy. A paypal invoice I mentioned was How do I create and send an invoice? link.

As you might guess, you’re asking a refund for your balance, right? So you need to create a paypal invoice and send it to chloe0528@nate.com. In here chloe0528@nate.com is a seller’s paypal ID. So don’t be confused with sending email.