Installing Mudfish on Archer C6 v2

I’ve recently realized that it is possible to install Mudfish on OpenWrt routers. Luckily, I have a router with OWRT on it.
I downloaded the required packages from here and started installing the base one first. Unfortunately, when it tries to grab the dependencies, it doesn’t have enough space to install them. Upon further inspection, I checked the supported routers and there is an Archer C7 there - which also has 8MB of flash memory.

Archer C6 has 8MB of flash memory too, so I am here to ask (because there is no info provided on that) - how much space in total do you need in order to install Mudfish on your router?

:frowning: Frankly speaking I don’t know. I didn’t try to measure the minimum space. Mudfish binaries aren’t small because it’s shipped with OpenSSL libraries. But I can confirm that it works fine at [OpenWrt Wiki] Xiaomi Mi WiFi Nano / Youth (R1CL) router with 16 MB flash memory… I didn’t test with 8MB flash memory.