Internal Error: Packet Dump

ive been trying to do a packet dump for CoD Warzone USA East but i keep getting internal error message when uplaoding packet.

alao how do i ensure that im connected to the USA East Server?

Sorry for this case. :frowning: If it doesn’t work properly please check Packet Capture with Mudfish and send us via email address.

Frankly I didn’t play CoD Warzone so no idea how the game client picks the game server. Could an user pick the game server location manually?

Just wanted to jump in and tell you about warzone. The user cannot select the server manually but there is a choice between 3 regions to choose from. The server is picked by the game itself based on match availability and latency/ping.

i have emailed the file created while grouped with a friend on thr east coast so i hope that works

@andretm87 I’d added “US East” destination based on your packet dump. :slight_smile: So please test when you get a chance. However to ensure that you’re in US East region, frankly still no idea how it could be. If there’s an interface of the game client to see the ping / latency, I think it’s one of methods you can see.