Just installed mudfish - need help

Hello, just installed mudfish and tried to connect to japan to play a game however when it connects it says “it seems working fine” and then i open the browser to play or search anything it wont connect at all and it says “sign in”

any feedback on this?

Go to nodes → clear all connects, click JP, save. Try to do Full VPN mode so you can have JP IP.

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Im sorry, but what is exactly nodes? how to access it

@Fathoglol Which mudfish program are you using? Are you a user of Mudfish Cloud VPN (for desktop)? Or mudfish app for smart phones? Or mudfish webextensions?

Not sure but it looks you’re using Mudfish Browser Extension

Yes, im using the chrome extention

Okay I see that you’re using Chrome Extension. When this issue happens, Does all internet on your desktop have a problem? Or does this issue only affects the browser’s connections?

I think this issue only affects to your browser…

only on my browser as long as mudfish is on, once its turned off i can surf the net freely

Got it… Not sure that this issue is caused by a conflict between web extension modules of your chrome…

If possible please try to install Firefox or MS Edge and use mudfish web extension on it because we also support those browsers. And please check that it’s even the same.