JX Online3 VPN does not work

JX Online3 VPN does not work.
After Mudfish is connected, it does not affect the game,
When restarting Mudfish, the game will not disconnect.
However, using the Full VPN mode will have an impact, but it will affect the fluency of other network functions.
So I think this is because Mudfish (non-Full VPN mode) does not work in the game.

This is the item setting attribute I used when the problem occurred

I’d leaved my answer at other topic you created at Private Support menu. Please check it there. :slight_smile: You can find your topics at https://mudfish.net/forums/iwrote link.

Thank you
I think my problem has been solved !

Cool! :slight_smile: I hope now everything goes well with mudfish. Please let me know if there are any other problems.

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