Lag and Issues

I have been using Mudfish for months now and initially, it was the best possible VPN out there. However, in recent times it has been nothing less than a nightmare. I play bgmi from the UK and as BGMI is India India-restricted game I need a VPN to access and play the game. Earlier I used to get 120 130 ping but now I dont even get anything below 200. I used to connect to amazon ec2 ec3 Mumbai and had an amazing experience but now with those servers its nothing below 200. And with other servers either the ping is very high i.e. above 180+. Please look into this and fix this ASAP :).

Sorry for this bad experience. Are you using Mudfish Cloud VPN for PC/desktop or mudfish app for Android/iPhone?

When you get a chance, please check link to see your RTT information recorded in Mudfish.

You’re saying that you’re living at UK but this RTT shows that your PC/desktop takes

  • 85 ms to UK Europe (Manchester - UKFast)
  • 106 ms to UK Europe (London - Vultr)
  • 116 ms to UK Europe (London - DigitalOcean)

Is there any problem in your ISP? This RTT is abnormally bad because those nodes are at UK region. Normally it takes under 10 ~ 20 ms.

Hi Weongyo, Thank you for getting back, however, the main issue I had was while playing BGMI which is battleground mobiles india. And I need to connect to Indian server to play from the UK. So, I would appreciate if you can check with the Indian server and help me troubleshoot whereas.

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