Hey guys, I recently purchased Mudfish because I’ve heard a lot of good about it, but I’m having trouble configuring it. When I connect to mudfish, both LoL and FFXIV run at about 10ms more than just running it normally. I’ve tried the Full VPN, but selected only a few random options there that spiked the ping way more.
I’ve also read in various forums that it might be my ISP in which case Mudfish can’t help improve ping.
Could anyone help me out with this issue please?


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My question is that:

  • Which country are you living? If I checked it correctly it seems you’re at South Asia, right?
  • Which game server location are you connecting? Are you connecting From South Asia to Europe West?

If then it’s not easy to analyze where this issue is from. For most of cases, I think it’s from the international line.

Please try to test your network status from your desktop to (FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - Europe (Germany - Chaos)) using How to use WinMTR link.

I think this result shows you where this issue is from.

Hey, sorry about that. Got a little impatient.
To answer your questions,
Yes, I’m from Sri Lanka (South Asia).
Yes, I’m trying to connect to servers in Europe (Final Fantasy XIV Server: Chaos/ League of Legends Server: EUNE). Both servers are located in Germany.

I have attached screenshots for you to better understand because I’m not too tech-savvy. I ran the program you mentioned earlier (WinMTR) with and without Mudfish running. Not sure if that would make a difference. If you need any more information to pin down the problem, feel free to ask, and thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Did you try to change a mudfish node based on FAQ - Nodes section for your game item? If you’re using the advanced mode, please start with the basic mode.

When I checked your results of WinMTR, it seems the RTT is pretty high comparing your first result (Mudfish Off).

However please note that even if you tried to test with multiple mudfish nodes but still the pigh is higher than your normal internet. Then it means your ISP has enough good RTT to Europe. :slight_smile: For that case I think you can ask me the refund because you don’t need to use mudfish at all.