League of Legends - Ping worse now?

Ping got worse since using Mudfish and what’s odd is it seems to stick, even when I turn it off. Any tips for how this works, specifically with League of Legends?

Based in North America, using Basic.

I normally get 70-80 ping, fairly consistent. However, in the past week or so, I’ve been getting spikes about every 15 seconds up to 130 ping. This inconsistency is awful. So thought I’d give this a try. It seems to have messed something up with network perhaps, because now I constantly get 110-150 ping bouncing all over. I turned off the Mudfish launcher, and my ping didn’t lower back to 80… Thoughts?

When I checked your account, it seems you already requested the refund. :slight_smile: So I can’t see how you tried to configure the mudfish at this moment.

Did you try to change a mudfish node based on FAQ - Nodes section for your game item? If you’re using the advanced mode, please start with the basic mode.