League of Legends SEA (Riot reached out to fix blocked IPs)

Hello, I’ve heard that mudfish and other gaming VPNs are being blocked by the League of legends SEA server, A riot games employee has replied to me on Reddit telling that you guys should be able to reach out to them, So they will be able to fix the nodes (especially HongKong ones) to be able to connect to League of legends SEA server. We really need your services in League of legends SEA since the majority of us (Players from the Philippines) are playing at 80 ping and the only way through it is through VPN services like mudfish.
I have tried connecting through several Hongkong servers in mudfish as well, but it seems like the game isn’t connecting at all.

Here is their E-mail: peering@riotgames.com
Here is the link to the Reddit post:
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@mhoja1234 :slight_smile: Thank you for this information. I sent email to peering@riotgames.com right now. I hope that there’s a response from them…

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any updates regarding this issue?