Looking for unsupported of game with new destination connection server

hi , dear mudfish. here is the online game from taiwan server that im playing and i hope you guys can adding this game into any of mudfish nodes or full vpn mode to getting more smoother latency to play well. thanks in advance! the link below of official server website :


Unfortunately it’s not officially supported by Mudfish yet. As workaround you should use one of methods at Unsupported Games.

And if you want to see it officially at Mudfish, please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link while playing the game with Full VPN mode.

We need some game packets to register new game.

Hi , dear jmham. how to send you the packet capture ? i did click stop and upload and then i cant find it at forum as privacy mode, even i dont really know its enabled or not. but i found the packet capture which is i uploaded 600kb inside my mudfish folder, please check and let me know again.

@ahkeatyujo What’s your exact mudfish ID? I tried to search but failed to find. So I can’t see your status.


Thank you @ahkeatyujo When I checked your account, I can’t see any packet dump topics. It means that uploading the packet dump to the mudfish servr failed due to unexpected reason…

If possible please check Packet Capture with Mudfish link again and send us it via email.

alright once i done i will send to your email, thank you.

hi , i sent it. 775kbs file of packet dump.

@ahkeatyujo Thank you for sending the packet dump. However did you start the packet dump and play the game with other players?

When I checked the packet dump, it seems it doesn’t include the game related packets… When you get a chance, please dump and send us again.

hi Mudfish Moderators, recently i just found out the game main issue is not related ping latency ms, all issues come from the main game’s server by itself. sorry and thanks for helping. now the topic is done and can be close. have a nice day & keep it up dear MUDFISH =)

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