Losing so much balance on lost ark

i dont know mudfish have this issue with twitch and can get you lost so much balance
can i get my credit balance back pls?

@nflze Something is very weird… When did your issue happen? I can’t see traffic usage on this month (November)…

this is my traffic
i only using it for lost ark but eating so many my balance
im using it on my alias btw
usually i just open twitch to get drops for lost ark, really didn’t know this problem will happen

Are you using nflze mudfish ID? If not, please tell us the exact mudfish ID you’re using. It looks like you’re using different mudfish ID. I can’t find the traffic graphs you attached…

yes im using it on my alias nflzee2

Got it. For this case, please visit ‘Account → Edit profile’ menu to enable the Connection Log feature to see where your traffics were used. You can find it at https://mudfish.net/admin/user/modify link.

At this moment I don’t know why because as default we’re not doing any kind of logging to trace your traffics for privacy protection. So after enabling it, you can see connection logs at ‘Status → Access Log’.

For your convenience, I’d reset your mudfish credits a little bit.

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