lost ark dont work?

lost ark dont work?

Not working for me either


Could you please confirm that it’s also same with Full VPN mode enabled?

Hello, i have this issue as well, the item LOST ARK is not working but in full VPN mode the game work.
I want only to make it work on Lost Ark item and don’t wanna use full vpn mode tho, so i hope it’s get fixed soon.
RU server btw.

hello sir , on exitlag vpn , i can select which program that i want to use as vpn . but in this mudfish i found out that buying item Lost Ark alone is not gonna work because Lost Ark usually launch with the platform GameCenter ( if russia ) , or Stove platform ( if Korean ) , so i hope mudfish will add another item such GameCenter since those 2 applications GameCenter and Lost Ark need to be running at the same time and need to be VPN’d as Russia location if im outside of Russia . pls help add another item called GameCenter or Game Center .

EDITED : or make an option for pay-per-use user to select programs instead of “equip item”

thanks in advance ! if this fix , i dont need to use Full VPN mode anymore since those 2 programs GameCenter and LAO need to be running at the same time . it works like steam and Dota .