LOST ARK item is useless because the game launcher isn't supported by mudfish

LOST ARK is launched through “MY.GAMES GameCenter”, which won’t let you launch the game if you’re not connecting via a Russian IP.
Using a different VPN service to launch the game, and then switching over to mudfish works fine, but I can’t launch the game with just mudfish alone.

Please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link while playing the game with Full VPN mode.

To update the game item of mudfish, I need some game packets to analyze.

Done. https://mudfish.net/forums/7/topics/65553
Game launcher wouldn’t let me start the game even in full VPN mode, but it worked for the actual game client.

IIRC your issue is now fixed after updating the game item. :slight_smile: Please let me know if it’s still same.