LOST ARK working USEAST node for connecting to USWEST server? thanks

Hi guys,

I am playing on Lost Ark USWest server (akkan) but i live in USEast…so far i’ve tried like 8 useast nodes none of them work and only allow me to connect south america server.

Does anyone know of a working lost ark setup for someone like me? or a working USeast node to uswest server?


:frowning: If I know correctly Lost Ark started to block the mudfish nodes so I’m not sure that there’s a mudfish node working fine for your case.

However did you try to test with Full VPN mode enabled?

hi thx for ur response!! what settings would i use for full vpn mode? ie. what node should i connect to?


Frankly speaking I don’t know which mudfish node aren’t blocked. :frowning: I think you need to test one by one.

And I don’t think you need to enable FastConnect mode, WFP Item mode.

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