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When using Mudfish for Mabinogi, there is a reproducible bug where the Friend List will appear blank for a while so you cannot see friends online and also not register your player character online to any other player’s friend list. This causes some issues when first logging in and wanting to connect with friends immediately.

Per reddit post this issue is also prominent in Exitlag. The user contacted Exitlag support and they have since issued a fix that resolves the issue.

I’ve asked the user for some details on what was performed to be fixed and they revealed the following:

The solution (from what I’ve observed) is they stopped the VPN hooking onto the connection of port 8002, which is the friend/guild server. So now it seems to only hook onto the relevant game server. You could relay this to the Mudfish developer and hopefully get a similar solution!

Can this issue be looked into and resolved similarly to how Exitlag fixed its issue?

@Xtremza Unfortunately their solution could not be applied to Mudfish because its fundamental technique to redirect the game traffic is different.

However is this issue always reproducible with Full VPN mod enabled too?

Yes even with full VPN mode enabled I get the same issue.


:frowning: Not good… Thank you for your test. It looks like this requires a enhancement of Mudfish side.

Let me create an internal JIRA ticket to follow up your concern. I’ll try to work on it when I get a chance.

I appreciate the attempt. Please let me know if there’s any developments.

Just to be clear the bug isn’t game breaking, as waiting it out (around 10 minutes?) the friend list eventually loads. It would be nice for it to load immediately though. I believe it is both ways, others don’t see you online in the list until it loads.

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Hey, has there been an update to this issue?

Okay. As you might know, there was a Mudfish Cloud VPN v5.8.3 release and it includes some improvements for WFP Item mode.

Please check Create Custom Item link to see the enhanced syntax because you need to create a custom item to use this syntax.

Unfortunately, at this point, Mabinogi game item from Mudfish doesn’t support WFP Item mode if I know correctly. So if you want to see it with WFP Item mode, I need some process name information to update it. For details, please check Process Capture with Mudfish link.

Hi, I’ve done the process dump located here.
Would I need to do Create Custom Item if Mabinogi game item will support WFP Item mode?

Thank you for these process information. Okay. I updated Mabinogi game item with WFP Item Mode support.

However I’m not sure that it works fine because at some machines, WFP Item Mode doesn’t work properly. So we need a test

No. To test this updated game item, please do

  1. Enable WFP Item mode and play the game.
  2. Checks that the game works fine with WFP Item Mode enabled.

If it doesn’t work properly, please send us Problem Report.

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Hi, thank you for the updates. It looks like WFP Item Mode is working as I have successfully logged in and I see the icon on the dashboard. The issue is now fixed I think by your efforts and by disabling fast connect mode on my end. I have the delayed friends list with the fast connect mode on. It does not happen with it off.

To avoid friend list bug and cdn issues:

  1. Enable WFP item mode

  2. Disable FastConnect mode

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