Mac os cannot run the mudfish

I had try to install Mudfish, but it seems the MacOS does not compatible to it anymore.

I wonder when will it be patched?

Could you please tell me your OS X version?

macOS catalina version 10.15.2

Okay. :slight_smile: Let me upgrade my OS X from Mojave to Catalina to build it freshly. I’ll try to build new one from Catalina and test it. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Any update on this? I am running 10.15.3 and getting a “Mudfish VPN is damaged” error when installing and trying to run.

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same prob. here too

Could you please follow link and test it?

I think this issue is caused by that our DMG installer didn’t be code signed. :frowning:

Hi, I was facing this problem as well, am running MacOS Mojave 10.14.6.

I finally got it to work after following this -

Then if mudfish installed you can open it no problem.

I tested this as well, but think it might also be related to who the file is stored in DMG. I still receive the message that the file is damaged. Even after temp disabling gatekeeper.

Sorry this thread should be closed because.I think you resolved the issue here :slight_smile:

but your main download page is still serving up 5.2.1. and not 5.2.2