MacOS Internet sharing with PS4

Hi! First off, amazing tool!

Trying to get this to work with MacOS and PS4.

I can’t seem to share this via internet sharing as Mac only supports sharing IpSec.

I’ve added some packet filtering and nat rules in MacOS and added that as a gateway in the PS4 connection and it almost works, I can see the traffic coming in in Mudfish from PS4, but I can’t login to the game.

Any ideas?

If possible, it is recommended to connect the PS4 through a cheap router that supports OpenWRT and then use the mudfish VPN.

Hi @jmham,
Yeah I get that, but I unfortunately I don’t own one of those and I don’t want to by a router just to use mudfish.
So my question is, are there any other alternatives?

Currently, it is not possible to use Mudfish VPN through Internet Sharing on MacOS. Because Mudfish VPN uses a customized protocol for WAN Optimization, it cannot use Internet sharing functions like protocols such as L2TP.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

I see,
Any plans to support anything besides Windows in the future? (Mac, Linux, etc).
Unfortunately I didn’t realise this when I bought the credits, given you had a Mac client I assumed it would be supported.
Oh well… Guess I need to find another VPN. Shame though, the service looks very promising.
Cheers and thanks!