Made a second account, because my primary won't let me log on

I have been using mudfish for the last few months, however for the last 3 weeks anytime I try to log onto my first account (that has everything set up and money on it) it just states that the information is incorrect. I have used the forgot username and password options and the credentials still don’t work. As stated it worked perfectly fine and I never had an issue with it before.

Update: I can sign into my first account on my phone. I changed the password, however when using my computer with the updated information it still says that it’s invalid then locks me out. Any help would be appreciated.

Which browser are you using? At mudfish “sign-in” page, there’s Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) feature to prevent the bot. If your browser doesn’t handle CSRF token properly, you could trigger the firewall rule and block your IP for 1 hour. :frowning: