Maplestory keeping disconnecting while using browser and youtube

Hi, i got a problem here.
I always play maplestory on TW server while using browser and watching youtube sometimes, and it’s usually disconnected after login for like 20 minutes. I tried every node located in TW, and disconnection happened with all of them. it shouldnt be a node problem, so does using browser or youtube effect on my connection while playing? if yes, what can i do to fix it, change a setting or something? if not, what eles can effect my connection, what should i check to fix?
btw I use basic mode and full VPN mode’s turned off.

Umm… If I know correctly, MapleStory game item has CDN and Mudfish issue. But I’m not sure that you encountered this issue.

Did you try to change Connection Protocols to TCP based? Sometimes changing the connection protocol could be helpful.

Tried to change to TCP and its fixed now. Thanks for support. :grinning:

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@windtraces7 Good to hear that it works fine with TCP connection problem. However if it works fine with TCP but doesn’t work with UDP, it means there’s MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) issue in your network between your desktop and the mudfish node.

Please check MUDEC_00262 link too when you get a chance.