Minus Credit even after purchase of Credits

Hi, I have bought the 2.99 USD Credits earlier. However on my dashboard it still displays that I have minus credits. How come? Also, I should still have a few credits left on my previous purchase. Please assist.

:frowning: Something is wrong. Is sourlemon7 a correct mudfish ID you’re using? When I checked this account, I can’t see any payment history associated with this account. If you’re using different mudfish ID, please let me know.

Hi, sorry my mudfish ID with credits is “sourlemon75”. I purchased 2.99 USD credits last February 28, 2021. It should last me for a few more months. Then all of a sudden it got depleted. I don’t know what happened. I reloaded another 2.99 USD last March 26, and it still didn’t update the credits. I had to refund it and created another mudfish ID named “airwaveracer75”. So far, everything is working on the new mudfish ID. However, I am still curious how my 2.99 USD credits got used up so fast on my “sourlemon75” account. Thank you.

Not sure what happened at that moment because it passed some days… If you played with ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’, it could be related with CDN and Mudfish.

Or if you turned on Full VPN mode, it could be related. However I’d reset some mudfish credits for “sourlemon75” for your convenience. :slight_smile: