Mobile App doesn't help on Call of duty Mobile

Hello guys!

I am playing Call of Duty Mobile with 100mbps/20mbps and 25ms ping in the game it self. I am from Italy and the main server I connect to is based in Frankfort in Germany (the server that manage Battle Royal Matches).
so let’s say that I am very close to the server compared to some players but I still have lot of issues like Hit Registration and being killed with few shots by random enemies. I did tried to play on different SIM cards and I did changed my router and wired (LAN) ISP different times but unfortunately it didn’t helped. so this made think that maybe I have just a very bad routing to the server so I tried many different VPNs with an almost a non noticable improvement. now finally I came across Mudfish thanks to Google. I installed it on my Mobile I bought some credits and tried some servers based in EU with different protocols. but honestly I did not noticed any improvement. I would say that sometime it makes the game even worse.
I really would appreciate it if someone can tell me some servers to connect to and which protocol I should use.

the game connects to the following servers while it’s running.
Germany (main server, match management)
USA (voice, chat, account info)
China (skins, equipment)
Singapore (Idk)
Local server italy 443 (voice, few other things)

Thank you in advance!

@simowlabrim Thank you for reporting this issue. However with your information, I still can’t figure out what’s a problem. It seems we need more information.

If possible, please check Mudfish App for Android document and see ‘Configuration’ section. At there you can find about how to do the packet dump. If possible, please send me some packet dumps to analyze.

yes I will really enjoy sending some packet dump files to you. I will prepare them and send them later.

please, can I know where I have to send them? thank you for your help.

Hello I did sent some packets to analyze on my private profile. can you please have a look at them. thank you do much

I’d left my answer on the packet dump topic you uploaded at Private Support menu. Please check it there. :slight_smile: You can find your topics at link.