MUDEC_00424 csgo faceit sg

If you see this message, it means that the connections to mudfish nodes closest to your current location are unstable. The detailed calculation formula is:

  1. Picks 6 mudfish nodes closest to the current user among all mudfish nodes and periodically performs RTT calculation.
  2. If all six checked mudfish nodes show an RTT stddev (standard deviation) of more than 15% of the RTT avg (average), a warning message is displayed.

I play mostly csgo in faceit, sometimes i get MUDEC_00424 error
how to pick 6 mudfish nodes? i only can select 1. and which 1 is closest to me, I live in Malaysia, i presume singapore nodes are the closest but there are tons of singapore nodes, which 1?
me and my friends who live in the same country have similar issues of MUDEC_00424, hopefully it can be resolved so I could get more of my cs friends to try.

Please check for your RTT information recorded in mudfish. 6 mudfish nodes point top 6 mudfish nodes whose ping is lower.

Yep… In your cases, I think it could be unfair to compare against to SG mudfish nodes because it’s not in the local country. If it doesn’t affect to your game experience, I think you can just ignore this issue. However please note that your ping RTT stddev is relatively high.

how could i fix this?
change the nodes? how to change them? change to which nodes?

For MUDEC_00424 case, at this moment I think you should ignore these errors because there’re only few mudfish nodes at your country. So it looks it’s not fair to compare. :frowning:

As you might guess, MUDEC_00424 could happen when the ping stddev values to near mudfish nodes are relatively high. So it means your location connection is unstable. Normally for most of cases a user need to contact your ISP and ask but I’m not sure that this applies to your case too.