MUDEC 124, 126, and 179

Hi, recent user here.

After a few weeks of Mudfish with little issue, I came across these three ECs today. I’m not quite sure whether they affect the actual performance. The dashboard shows that I am connected and when I tried to ping my designated server, it shows better latency, basically the same numbers that I had when I didn’t have these ECs popping up on Mudfish.

So, should I be worried?

I use Mudfish to connect to FFXIV Elemental (JP) server to my PS4 via my laptop as a mobile hotspot. I bought eth-usb adapter today but did not manage to get it to work though, as the adapter somehow did not install a driver. Might this somehow explain the error?

I’ve attached a screenshot of the error msg in the Core Process log

Thank you!

Could you please send me Problem Report? I need to check the internal logs.

When I checked this, it seems you need to fix these errors. However if you see a better ping result in the game client, you can ignore but I’m not sure that mudfish works properly on your box…


I’m really sorry but oddly enough it seems to have fixed itself (?). I haven’t encountered this problem again since the first time I’ve had it, so I don’t think I can send a log or anything…

Nevertheless, if I encounter it again I’ll go post a problem report right away.

Thank you!

Cool! :slight_smile: I hope now everything goes well with mudfish. Please let me know if there are any other problems.