Mudfish cloud vpn slower than browser extension

My mudfish vpn is slower than browser extension. I checked other topic here which is similar to mine Why is the connection faster i

I tried using both TCP and UDP for connection protocol but they’re about the same speed. Both browser extension and full vpn mode connected to same node. I have full VPN mode on like the creator of that topic but the speed is slower than the browser extension. Maybe it’s related to subscription based? I checked my up+down speed before changing to subscription and it maxes out at 700,000-800,000 bits per second. But the advertised speed for mudfish is 4Mbps burst/1 Mbps which I understand to be 4,000,000 bits burst and 1,000,000 bits per second. So I’m under the 1,000,000 bits per second advertised but I’m still getting slowed down? I haven’t used full vpn mode before subscription and I don’t think I can turn off subscription to check speed without subscription speed limit. I also tested FastConnect option and the when it’s turned on, the game becomes very slow.

This is one what I expected because its implementation is little bit different internally. :slight_smile: So the browser extension has more higher up/down speed than mudfish cloud VPN program.

This part is weird if your speed is under 1M bits/s. Let me test it again though we didn’t change the code at all… However which mudfish node did you use for testing?