MudFish instalation on KDE Plasma(Linux)

Hmm is there any linux user ? because i failed several time when try to start mudfish…

I’m a linux user of mudfish. But I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS based. :slight_smile: Could you please show me some details how it failed? I think I can help for your case.

im very sorry for my late responses. i`ll upload here immediately. before that i need to do instalation first.

this always happen when i click “connect”

this is the worst one :nauseated_face:

here part of screenshot of error msg from core log

:frowning: It looks it’s not easy to know why but might be related with the default routing table. Then could you please test with -I option as follows?

$ sudo /opt/mudfish/5.4.5/bin/mudrun -I

ok will try now.

Hello weongyo,
as attached

box and line with green color explain when i try to run mudfish with your suggestion somehow that -I do the magic and its working for like 2-4 mins i was like ‘gasp, wow seems its the solution’ and then its showin another error im not sure but is it normal or no? (box with red color means error). please advise. thank you for your concern :heart_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@raymond3 Good to hear that there’s a further progress than before. However for these case, please try to change ‘RTT Checking Method’ found at ‘Setup → Program’ menu? I think we need to test it whether it’s helpful.