Mudfish is unstable and rubberbanding in swords of legend online europe but exit lag is stable

I’m playing swords of legend online in europe server but using mudfish, the ping is really unstable, spikes up, and rubber banding a lot (from 180 to 250-300 especially in battle), so I tried different vpn (exitlag) and the ping is really stable and a lot less rubber banding (180-220 even in battle) can you fix it?

Can exitlag share?
Gamer sometimes don’t need huge bandwidth…
If some VPN service + proxifier (working together), you can limit user to use the vpn on game only (monthly) potential they use less bandwidth, and able to deliver affordable service to all gamer.


When Mudfish is connected, do you get this error after selecting the game server?

“Your Gameforge login ticket is invalid or has expired. Account authentication has failed.”

I can launch the game if I disconnect Mudfish.

If i get that error, I just relaunch the game again and can get into the game. I think because the IP address changed

I don’t know, I just tried their 3 days trial but it’s more stable for swords of legend than mudfish

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