Mudfish node Today's path ping doesn't match when connected

When selecting Todays Path on FFXIV, I always get different results by 10-20ms when I connect to the node.
Here’s an example:
Today’s Path, Sydney - Lightsail is 122ms.

When connecting to the node, I get 135ms:

Also note thay Sydney Binarylane shows 127ms. When I connect to this node, I get 120ms wtf.

Here’s a winMTR of Sydney Lightsail using fullVPN mode:

Here’s a winMTR using Sydney Binarylane using fullVPN mode:

Should I change the RTT Checking Method to be more accurate?
The difference in ping to Today’s path being different when connected seems to be different a lot of the times.


Just a follow up from this.
It seems most AU nodes are kinda low quality. Other services are providing much better results ping wise.

Any updates on what’s going on?

@mattskiiau Thank you for your feedback. As you might guess, the realtime RTT shows a real ping from your desktop to the game server via mudfish program.

However please note that at “today’s pathes” are not an actual ping which measured from your desktop. It’s a sum of 1) RTT between your desktop and mudfish nodes and 2) RTT between mudfish node to the game server.

And the result could be vary depending on how many times RTTs are measured between your box and mudfish nodes. So it looks we need to enhance this feature more accurately.