Mudfish not affecting my game

i use mudfish for Retail WoW, but suddenly it’s not affecting my game, usually if i already logged in into the game and then i press green connect button my game will get disconnected because i connected through mudfish, but now nothing happens. tried to reinstall mudfish but still doesn’t affect my retail WoW. any ideas?
for the record, i didn’t change my mudfish settings since the beginning, so idk what makes mudfish not working now

Could you please confirm that it’s also same with Full VPN mode enabled?

If it works fine with Full VPN mode enabled, it means there’s something a problem in the game item of Mudfish.

For that case, I need to collect some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish.

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thanks for the reply, unfortunately even after i enabled full vpn mode, it still doesn’t affect my game. any idea what else can i do?

edit : i think it does work when i enable Full VPN Mode, although there’s no disconnect when i press green “connect” button (but when i press red “disconnect” button it my game suddenly DC’d), but yeah the latency did reduce like it used to be

so, do i need to follow that Packet Capture with Mudfish steps?

EDIT AGAIN: after i turn off Full VPN Mode and back to item based - basic mode, it looks like my retail WoW are normal again and the latency got reduced!. i don’t know what’s causing this but yeah it works normally like it used to be, any idea how to prevent this kind of things in the future? anyway thanks and sorry for the confusion

Okay. If you feel that some of game traffics aren’t going through Mudfish, please check Packet Capture with Mudfish link and send us some game packets.

I’ll willing to analyze and update the game item for you if it’s available.

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