Mudfish not hooking into my game (Ragnarok OriginsRO)

Hello, I’ve equipped the item Ragnarok Online and using Server Location: Asia (Singapore - OriginsRO) as advised by @weongyo, but when it’s all set and running and I open OriginsRO, I don’t see any change in the traffic graph, also when I close mudfish with game open, the game won’t disconnect, meaning the connection isn’t going through MudFish, but apparently everything is connected and running? Thanks in advance for the help

Could you please confirm that it’s also same with Full VPN mode enabled?

Yes, it works fine if I have Full VPN mode on (the games routes through MudFish). But the moment Full VPN mode is off, it doesn’t work anymore.

I fixed it by creating another item and using the game IP on the routhing path table ^^ all good now