Mudfish not working for Insurgency Sandstorm

Hi guys, I am completely new to this and not tech savvy. I believe I have got mudfish to work for dead by daylight, but it is not working for insurgency sandstorm. I turn it on for the insurgency sandstorm item but when I play the game I get the same network ping as regular. Also I tried the full VPN while playing insurgency sandstorm and it also did not work (still had local network ping). can anyone help? Thanks so much!

Actually I need to update this - I DID get insurgency sandstorm to work, and it works amazing, but, between rounds, when the game says “preparing server”, sometimes it starts the next round OFF of mudfish… does anyone know how to KEEP the mudfish servers (which have low ping and low packet loss) on PERMANENTLY between rounds in this game? THank you

Could you please confirm that it’s also same with Full VPN mode enabled? If it’s even same with Full VPN enabled, it means something is wrong…

Hello thanks for the reply. Yes it happens when the full VPN mode is on. It happens maybe about 20% of the time that I go to a new match. One time, it even happened DURING a match - it’s like the game server will randomly disconnect from mudfish and come back to mine, I’d that makes sense. This behavior does not happen in the other game I use mudfish for (dead by daylight).

Okay. Even if it’s same with Full VPN mode enabled, normally it means

  • the game server is blocking the connection from Mudfish nodes. For this case, please try to use other mudfish nodes.
  • Did you try to change Connection Protocols? Sometimes changing the connection protocol could be helpful if this issue is from MTU (Maximum Transmissioin Unit).