Mudfish with GW2 (US Servers)

Mudfish has been generally great to use when playing GW2. However, recently, I started to experienced below issues.

  1. Random lag spike up to 3000+ ping when only switching map to join my guild’s lead Rift Hunting and that map was Domain of Istan and also last night parked at Tripple Wurms at Cobalt Wurm side while doing quick shower then when back, total lag. I can still move but not able to do any actions (ex. pick up kegs) or hit any damage buttons.

  2. While Mudfish is connected, I randomly lost Internet connectivity on my laptop. At first when this happened, I thought could be due to my ISP or my router issue but both were fine as my telco subscribed TV service is still working. I just have to disconnect Mudfish, disconnect my WiFi and reconnect and Internet is back.

  3. At times, the RTT graph is not updating. For example, on days I not working or weekend, I launched and connected Mudfish when I booted up my laptop. The graph stayed in the morning time and not refreshed according to real time.

I am currently using Mudfish v5.8.4

Warmest Regards,

Thank you for these detailed explanation. At this point I’m not sure what triggered your issue. It looks like I need more information.

According to current settings in your account, it seems you’re using Multi Path Mode. Is your issue always happening with this mode? Are you using “Auto-Select” option to pick a mudfish node? If possible, please check FAQ - Nodes and try to pick one manually.

Or what happens if you change the node mode from Multi-Path mode to Basic mode?

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