My balance was charged over things outside my listed items


I’ve been using Mudfish quite a while to play Granblue Fantasy, a mobile browser game from Japan.
Today something happens as my balance was charged while i downloading musics from Spotify.

The thing is that i didn’t listed any other items except Granblue Fantasy on my Mudfish yet it still charged me for downloading musics on Spotify. Note that i never enabled the Full VPN mode itself too.

May i get a compensation about this? or at least, can you at least lead me some way so that my Mudfish balance only used for items i listed on the Mudfish? i don’t wanna waste any money anymore.

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First sorry for this inconvenience. Unfortunately, I think your issue is related to Amazon EC2, Twitch and Mudfish and CDN and Mudfish links. Please read these documents.

However, I’d reset your mudfish credits a little bit.

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