My credit jump to 1,99 to 0.27

My credit jump to 1,99 to 0.27 and is still using, even when im not connected

I’m having the same issue. 5.1.2 on MacOS Catalina 10.15.3
My balance went from 10 to 1.33 KRW over the span of 12 hours, whilst I was not connected (I turned off Mudfish and went to sleep.)

I’m in S California. Connecting to the local node, i’m not seeing improvements to League of Legends.

Also, my usage looks like this while the connection is active but League of Legends is NOT running.
Connecting to * US West (Los Angeles - QudraNet 2):

It’s the same for any of the local nodes, if I can manage to connect without my screen flooding with MUDEC_00049: No entry for SID 374 error.
On QudraNet 2, it does NOT give MUDEC_00049 error. On Amazon EC2, it DOES.

What is going on? I have everything set to default, and FastConnect is off, as by default.

For reference as to performance, my standard ping is 70, and with Mudfish, it is still 70.

I hope to achieve <50ms.

Please help? Is it possible?

@cadumudfish When I checked the balance of your account, it seems your balance is around still $1.87 USD. Could you please explain how you gets $0.27 USD? I need to check it.

@cadence Please check FAQ - Credits for this issue. It’s very normal due to broadcasting packets.

However if you have other questions which are off-topics from mudfish credits related, please create a new topic separately if possible. :slight_smile: It’s more handy and focus to discuss your problems.