Naraka Bladepoint

Any plan to support this game?
I can’t see it in game list yet.

IIRC Recently I’d created the game item NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. Please test when you get a chance.

Hi @weongyo ,
I’ve tested it a day after my message and it seems to be working.
However, I’ve noticed the data usage is extremely high, even with credit saving mode on and testing with WFP mode. This screenshot was about an hour or so gameplay. Is it possible something is broken? I don’t think the game uses this much data.


Naraka used nearly 5GB in a few hours, unusable unfortunately. :frowning:

First sorry for this incovenience. Unfortunately I think your issue is related with Amazon EC2, Twitch and Mudfish and CDN and Mudfish links. Please read these documents. However I’d reset your mudfish credits little bit.

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