Need help with mudfish - Granblue fantasy


im really struggling with mudfish(Chrome Extention) i have no idea what what to do or go where im so clueless in IT stuff ~_~

i just need tiny help on how to use it for granblue fantasy, i thought just toggle it on type in japan and connect to tokyo and play but the whole net wont work at all after that

then i searched abit someone said pay few dollars for equipping item for the game, i went ahead and paid 10 dollars and still cant figure out how to do it…

i just want the safest and best fast server for playing granblue fantasy im struggling with slow ping on it :confused:

i would appreciate a guide line(please remember im clueless in IT stuff)

thank you

@Fathoglol Okay… It seems you have a problem with Mudfish Browser Extension for Google Chrome, right?

If you feel it’s, please consider to test with Firefox or Microsoft Edge because Mudfish Browser Extension supports those too.

If it works fine, other internet activities should be fine too.


I downloaded the add-on, on firefox for mudfish and of course when it gave me this "proxy something numbers, then requesting user/pass i entered it and it takes me to mudfish browser says “everything is working fine” and nothing cant access any website keeps telling me to enter user/password

Weird to me… At least I can’t reproduce this issue on my boxes… :frowning: Not sure that it’s caused by something is blocking the requests.

Then did you try to enable “Use the secure connection” option found in the configuration menu of mudfish web extension?

can i add you on discord and guide me throughly? i would totally appreciate it…

@Fathoglol Very sorry to say that we’re not supporting via Discord or remote support tools… You can leave your symptom here as possible as you can.

Is it possible if you guys have official twitter/youtube and able to post video guide on how to use it? i paid 10 dollars to use mudfish but i absolutely have no idea now and lost :frowning: and i feel like this matter needs to be resolved in direct contacts =((

@Fathoglol You don’t need to worry about your payment. :slight_smile: I’d refunded your payment now and set a trial credit instead for your testing. I think you can pay later when it works fine on your environment.

Normally using mudfish web extension for browsers are quite straightforward. So might be a different problem in my opinion. Are you under the network firewall?