New world is using too much data

Hi, recently while playing new world i saw that it uses high data in some minutes of game play, i checked and turn the WFP item mode on and even tested other nodes but its always same. Today i tried multi-path and advanced mode which used same data as basic but during multi-path my internet got interrupted and i have to reset the LAN, while i was busy and came back to check i saw i now have -ve credit in my account and there was not game running while i was disconnected please help.

This should be affected by Amazon EC2, Twitch and Mudfish so please check it first.

Unfortunately, this game item doesn’t support WFP item mode at this point. To support WFP item mode, I need to get the process list of the game clients. Please check Process Capture with Mudfish link and send us the information.

Hi, i have run process dump.

I’d leaved my answer at other topic you created at Private Support menu. Please check it there. :slight_smile: You can find your topics at link.

hi, i have posted the result on the forums, and did many test but it is still using high data for me its 1 GB for 5-8hrs gameplay, i burned my data out when i saw your reply, and buy credit again but when i calculate that data won’t last 1 month as daily usage is around 1-1.5GB, i changed the plan and it is still using this much data. Please check this or please let me select subs only for this game and let me use PPT for other games if possible. Thank you.

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