Nodes for Cloudsigma's

Anyone else experiencing connection problems with Cabal PH? The nodes don’t work for me except Cloudsigma which the game often exit.

If I know correctly, it restricts the connection from the outside of PH. So I think it’s required to use mudfish PH nodes to play the game if I know correctly.

Are you meaning that sometimes the game is abnormally terminated while using the mudfish? Did you check ‘Status -> Process’ menu to see “Core” log section? Please check there’s an error or warning message there.

I just can’t connect using any of the nodes

@dmitri2017 Is it still same? :frowning: Recently I’d changed all public IPs again. I hope it works fine but not sure it’s.

Hi weongyo,

Right now only cloudsigma 2 is working for me. Hopefully, it will not show any connection problems. It would be good if all nodes would work in case I need to change nodes. I’ll try the rest and keep you updated. Thank you for your prompt response.

Hi @weongyo,

Just an update. Apparently, only Cloudsigma 2 is working for now on my side. :slight_smile:

@dmitri2017 Okay. I’d changed other nodes too. When you get a chance, please test other mudfish PH nodes. FYI I didn’t change the public IP of cloudsigma 2 yet.

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