ODR_open_tuntapdev/MUDEC_00044/MUDEC_00045 on Linux?

I don’t have /dev/net/tun nor do I run a DHCP client, is it possible to use mudfish?

If I add /dev/net/tun (to prevent the ODR_open_tuntapdev error) and connect via dhcpcd/wpa_supplicant on my wireless interface I’m still getting MUDEC_00044 followed by MUDEC_00045.

Very weird because it’s not normal if /dev/net/tun doesn’t exist. Did you build the custom kernel?

Which linux distribution and version are you using?

I think normally /dev/net/tun is created by systemd/udev, so if there is no systemd/udev it isn’t there and apps that need it should create it themselves.

I’m testing on two systems, both are normal Arch Linux, one without systemd/udev and one with, so on one without I have to create /dev/net/tun manually.

Then on both systems I’m getting MUDEC_00044/MUDEC_00045 (DHCP related) errors when trying with 1) static IP setup (to WiFi router, with wpa_supplicant), 2) dhcpcd/wpa_supplicant, 3) NetworkManager.

This is not true because /dev/net/tun is created by tun(4) kernel driver. So if you can’t see it under /dev/net directory, it means that your kernel doesn’t be built in tun(4) driver.

Please try to run mudfish binary manually if you’re familiar with the terminal. For example:

$ sudo /opt/mudfish/5.0.9/bin/mudfish -u <username> -p <password> -f -s 433

If there’s any WARN or ERROR on the terminal, please show me the full logs.

Yeah, rather, tun is modprobed by systemd/udev, because https://www.archlinux.org/packages/core/x86_64/linux/ has it as a module, then, once modprobed, the module creates the device.

So I needed

  1. modprobe tun on systemdless system
  2. net-tools (for route) and dhclient packages (as evident from running mudfish directly, it was missing those) on both systems (on Arch net-tools is deprecated in favor of iproute2 and I had dhcpcd instead of dhclient).

Then just running mudrun works.