Openwrt x86_64 220.3 2.5.3-1 and 2.5.5-1 can't open

openwrt x86_64 220.3 2.5.3-1 and 2.5.5-1 can’t open

pls revise it

@yl1677866238 Did you download and install .ipk package from Index of /releases/openwrt/packages-22.03/x86-64/base/ link?

YES , I download form the website

Okay. As you might guess, at this point, it’s not easy to explain why. Is it possible to access your OpenWRT router via SSH? If then, please check the following file whether it includes WARN or ERROR level messages:

# cat /tmp/mudrun_stdout.txt

Or please try to run Mudfish manually with the following command:

# /opt/mudfish-pi/2.5.1/bin/mudrun

I have same problem on Openwrt 22.03.5
it give on luci page. cant access it

@minpatsu could you please show me the output of the following command?

# ubus call system board

Oh this is from OVA image “OpenWRT_with_Mudfish-2.1.26.ova” upgraded to 22.03.5
The 2.1.26-1_x86_64.ipk package still working fine, just 2.5.x version hav this problem. Anyway got mudfish installed on my Xiaomi router with Openwrt 21.02 now, working fine. :+1:

:slight_smile: Okay. Good to hear that it works now. For your case I created new OVA image based on OpenWRT 22.03 + Mudfish v2.5.5 at link.

When you get a chance, please test it again.

The file is 403 forbidden btw, thank for the image will test if im free. :+1:

Ooops. Updated. Please check it again and test.

Confirmed it woking. :+1: thanks you.

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I installed mudfish-pi_2.5.6-1_x86_64.ipk from Index of /releases/openwrt/packages-22.03/x86-64/base/ website, it shows 403. please help me

Are you meaning that 403 Forbidden error from the website? :frowning: Weird because I can’t reproduce your issue from my end.

How about this link?


Please send your openwrt download address

I can’t understand your question. You’re not using the official OpenWRT firmware? Mudfish’s packages are built based on firmware.

I used the OpenWrt 23.05 in

When I click on MUDFISH LAUNCHER UI, the web page will show 404

wating for you reply.

@yl1677866238 If you’re familiar with SSH, could you please ssh to your router and check the process status of mudrun?

I’d like to know whether it’s running or not. Normally mudrun command could be found under /opt/mudfish-pi/<version>/bin/mudrun path.

Unable to judge whether it is available, I hope you can fix it