Overwatch not rerouting traffic

Stopped working around jan 6th…dont know why. No settings were changed. I choose US west, and it puts me on my local server (Syd)

Could you please confirm that it’s also same with Full VPN mode enabled?

Got the same problem. Happened at around the same date as you. I usually connect to the US servers but now it just connects me to Sydney.

Please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link while playing the game with Full VPN mode.

I need some game packets to analyze.

The VPN stops working when I turn on packet capture

Trying packet dump, it either always ends up in ‘Internal Error’ when trying to upload, or it disconnects altogether. Still unable to reroute to US West, unless using full vpn.

same here

Tried Packet Capture again and it still does not work. So is there no other way to fix this then?

Full VPN works for me, but thats just an annoying workaround

@StevenL28 @LtChestnut Regarding to this issue, we can’t find a proper workaround except Full VPN mode. This issue is a well known but partially solved issue. And still many users complain about this issue. :frowning:

Please check Overwatch link for details. However if Overwatch works fine with Proxifier, I think you can try it with mudfish too. Please check Mudfish with Proxifier document.

Yeah, stopped working for me too. Connecting via Full VPN ok, but otherwise no.
How come it has been working fine for 2+ years then all of a sudden, we have to use Full VPN?

Found this after spending a whole day googling:

I have successfully routed to OCE from Singapore and it probably works for OCE to US-W too, except I am unsure if this is equivalent to full VPN mode.

Not sure if I did anything wrong, but I’ve tried this a few times, and I always get an insane amount of ping to lax. It’s like 800+ ping. Pretty much just given up and am using something else now.