Overwatch US East Chicago Nodisto momentarily dies for 1-2 seconds, occurring once every 15-30 mins


The Overwatch US East Chicago (Nodisto) node experiences momentary drops in service where transmit traffic randomly becomes 0 bits. It lasts for about 1-2 seconds, and occurs once every 15 mins-30 mins. This does not happen on other nodes, nor does it happen when I play without Mudfish.

When I run a traceroute, that service drop shows up as 1% packet loss only on the final US East Chicago Nodisto node @ node-us-00067.mudfish.net. Here is a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/eG7MQPV.jpg

I simultaneously ran a second traceroute to measure packets sent to Overwatch servers ( while connected to US East Chicago Nodisto. Everytime the Nodisto node drops in service, the entire traffic to Blizzard’s Overwatch servers also drop causing random in-game pauses. Would you be able to look into this?

  • I use a very fast, hard-wired connection
  • Service drop only happens to US East Chicago (Nodisto). It doesn’t happen with any other node.
  • Problem is with the US East Chicago (Nodisto) node itself. Not the backbone nodes.
  • Problem doesn’t happen when I play without Mudfish.

Thank you in advance!

Let me check this mudfish node little bit. Sorry for this inconvenience.


I don’t think the issue has been resolved. Here is a Mudfish screenshot (https://i.imgur.com/vBvVyU3.jpg) where you can see the TX just dies at 0 bytes momentarily.

Thank you!

Here is another screenshot of WinMTR. https://i.imgur.com/0lJ1m43.jpg You can see that only the node itself spikes to over 2,000ms, causing the entire path to the game to die momentarily. This happens in correlation to those TX 0 byte drops.

Let me check this mudfish node little bit. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Someone else had also posted about the same issue earlier this year. Issue is still a problem today (May 1st, 2020). Can you please fix this?

:frowning: Sorry for this belated update. IIRC I made a contact to the server provider of “US East (Chicago - Nodisto)” regarding to this issue. The problem is that they rejected to fix this issue because this issue is caused by their DDoS security appliance.

So they told me that your connection could be dropped or other packets are forcibly dropped if the traffics are identified as a kind of attack by their WAF(Web Application Firewall).

In my opinion, it seems you should use other mudfish node.