Ping Spikes only in mudfish

Hi everyone. I have a pretty serious problem with mudfish. It works well most of the time, bringing down my ping by about 7ms in League of Legends, however there is a serious catch. Every 10 minutes or so, there is a massive disconnect/lag spike that occurs, causing my game to freeze for a few seconds before returning to normal. Are there any fixes that anyone is aware of? (connected to NA server)

Is there any reason to use Full VPN mode with US East (Chicago - Nodisto) mudfish node? I’m not sure how much you make traffics but if you did it could cause some ping spikes.

It happens regardless of what node I am using. If I use auto select, it still happens. I also don’t know if full vpn mode is working properly. (My ip address changes only when I enter a game, and not while I’m on my desktop.

Umm… No clue at this moment. If you’re familiar with WinMTR, please test against to IP (game server IP of NA) by checking How to use WinMTR link. I need to check it first to know where this issue is from.