Path MTU is wrong. (532/1450): Reason for my vpn randomly lagging terribly?

Recently my vpn server has been causing my game to lag to like 3 seconds behind readily making it unplayable to the point I have to keep shutting it off as my normal connection is high in ping but at least it is stable. I am back to trying different severs but last time this happened 90% of them just would not work. I do not know the issue so figured I would try to resolve this warning in case it is the issue.

From another topic I looked at, it was stated that 532 is being put by something on my side. When I look at my MTU in CMD I am only seeing 1500 and 1450 so I do not know where this 532 is coming from and thus how to address it. I am not very techincal, especially around internet so any help is appreciated.

Also I should ask if this could be the reason this is happening. I do not know why it works so well for months and then just stops working for seemingly no reason. I am updated to current release.

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@EternalVortex Could you please show me the result of NETSH INTERFACE IP SHOW INTERFACES command from Command Prompt?


Then it looks your MTU issue is coming from outside because it seems the MTU values on your box looks fine. :slight_smile:

If you get a chance, please try to use and try to test.