Paypal payment completed but the status is pending

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@jinjiang91 Sorry for this inconvenience. Your payments should be handled now. Please check and let me know if there’s something wrong.

Hi There I have a similar Issue I am facing along with not being able to change my Data Plan to Pay Per Traffic. I didnt change it Manually to subscription because I dont have any vouchers to use. I had Paid Via PayPal a while ago and its still showing as pending even though PayPal says that payment has been completed.

@Fastrack It should be fixed now.

Hi Weongyo,

Thanks for the quick Response on the issue with regards to my Payment.

My Data Plan is Still Subscription Based. and I am not able to change it back. Is it still possible to change it back to Pay per Traffic ?

@Fastrack No problem. :slight_smile: I’d changed your data plan to PPT (Pay Per Traffic) and reset your changeable date too. If you’d like to change it back I think you can do it again.

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Hi weongyo,

You are a God Sent. Thanks for the Quick Reply and Resolution.
Much Appreciated.


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