PH Cloud Node for League of Legends

Cloud Sigma nodes are missing/dead. EstNoc node is unable to connect to PH league of legends even with VPN mode. Any solution or fix for this?

Up for this

Sorry for this inconvenience. Currently one of CloudSigma servers is UP. Please test when you get a chance though I’m not sure it works fine for you.

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Hi. There is no Philippines node for Garena League of Legends Philippines. It is only showing US Virginia which will not connect to the game.

@standiny2k Please visit ‘Setup -> Nodes’ menu and clear your limitation for picking the mudfish nodes. :slight_smile:

High ping and packet loss on CloudSigma 1, 2 and 3. Node works fine but game kind-of unplayable at this state.

Please fix this. Too high. Abnormal ping. All nodes!!!