PH cloud node

Kindly check the node is currently down, Thanks

If you’re pointing “PH Asia (Philippines - CloudSigma)”, it’s UP now but please note that its public IP is changed by the server provider. :frowning: It happened without any notification…


Please change the IP for PH cloud sigma and Sigma 3, we cannot patch the game, can you change it same as the server 2. that starts at 116.


The public IP of “PH Asia (Philippines - CloudSigma 3)” is Are you meaning that it doesn’t work to patch the game too?

Cloud sigma 3 is working only on game patch but not working on the game, Please change the IP again starts with 116. Some IP is block due to game restrictions.

@alex3198 Weird… The public IP of “PH Asia (Philippines - CloudSigma 3)” mudfish node is so it’s already starting with 116. Is it really true that it doesn’t working on the game? :frowning: Not sure that I need to change to another IP staring with 116.

Yes, is not working to in-game I just try it now. It work’s on game patch only and doesn’t work when logging my game account to in-game.

Okay. :slight_smile: Let me work on this stuff. I’ll try to change it when I get a chance.

ok thanks.

Today. I’d replaced a public IP of “PH Asia (Philippines - CloudSigma)” node to and removed “PH Asia (Philippines - CloudSigma 3)”.

However I’m not sure that it’s helpful for you. Please test when you get a chance.

done trying this IP and its doesn’t patch the game. please change it again to 116.

its works now… thanks weongyo… :grinning: :grinning: :smiley: :smiley:

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Both server is down now?? both sever is missing… PHcloud

Both server is down now?? both sever is missing… PHcloud

At this moment one of PH nodes should be UP though I’m not sure that it’s working fine for you. I’m currently checking another one which is down.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

yes server 1 is OK and playable. Thanks

I cant connect now to server PH cloud 0044… thanks kindly check

Dead node again PH server cloud

:frowning: Sorry for this inconvenience again… I’d restored it now so please test it again when you get a chance.

Hi weongyo, Can you change the IP again we can play again, please change the IP starts at 116. Thanks for the support