Ping in-game (WoW) does not change

I am trying to connect to Oceanic servers in WoW Classic from Japan/Kyoto. The ping i get from the game in an Oceanic server is 130-140. With vpn it either gets higher or stays the same to 150. I have tried both UDP and TCP as well as Full VPN Mode with the nodes which are in Japan . Everytime I connect and see the RTT screen, the lines are either on the ground for 30 seconds and a sudden spike for 2 seconds and goes down again. I really have no idea what i am doing wrong . 1.5 years ago I was using my friends mudfish account for the game called TF2 to get better ping on Oceanic servers from Japan and it was working fine. Am i doing something wrong?

Would be really happy if you could help me to get this working , who wouldn’t want to play with a better ping lol.

Am not a mod, but…
I’m also playing on WOW Oceanic server from Seoul and get ~150ms ping, down from the normal 250ms.
I’m using Tokyo node to connect, so since you are closer you should be bit lower than that.
Can you confirm that you selected the right node, not necessarily in Japan, just the one which give lowest ping.
For me some days it is the Tokyo node, some days it is the Hong Kong node. I change it everyday.

Are you getting this ping 130 ~ 140 without mudfish? If then it seems your current ping is quite good.

For this case, the ping pike means there’s any unstable point between your desktop and mudfish nodes. Please check FAQ - Nodes for other cases though I’m not sure that it’s helpful.