Ping is higher while using mudfish


Some time ago I started using Mudfish to play CrossFire (Latin America version) with better ping. I found out that the game wasn’t on Mudfish list and after contacting support, i was told to send some packet dumps that were captured while playing the game. After that, I was able to play the game with considerably better ping.

But now, unfortunately, i’m getting higher pings while using Mudfish than when not using it. I don’t get it well.
Important information: I’m not in the same city that I was before; different connection (now its an optic fiber one), closer to the server (800 km closer) but ping is higher.

What should I do? Should I capture more packet dumps and send it again?

(Also, there is one more thing. I want to use mudfish to play CS:GO but i can’t find any South America servers. Should i send packet dumps too?)

Thanks for your support.

As workaround, please check Full VPN mode and test whether it makes your ping better. You said your city is changed so it points you’re using different ISP.

I think you need to test with multiple mudfish nodes because depending on which mudfish is used it makes different ping.

So for this case, yes you need to send us the packet dump. :slight_smile: